Dynamic lighting upgrade

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I know there are other post about such thing but they are old and I think they lack visibility. But this feature could be way better, it's already awesome but I would like more possibilities.  First i'd like to be able to set more than 1 light source to a chatacter. Why? Cause this way, when I have a character with darkvision with a light source, I wouldn't have to create a diferent tokent just for the second light source so the character doent lose his darvision because he have a torch.  Second, I'd like a black and white possibility (Or if I push it even farther, a chose the color of your dim vision option because this way I could represent the dark vision of fire genasi who see in shade of red for exemple) to better represent the darkvision as it is supposed to be. Third, I think someone else talked about it, but I'd like to be able to select a side for my light wall. Because a stair top should not be visible by people on lower floor but people atop the stairs should be able to see the floor below. (for exemple...).  I know most of the thing I ask for are complicated and would make the browser more heavy and things like that, but at least the first one should be easy to add... For sure this could be push to a hardcore limmit by adding reflective surface that could bend the light and so on but I'd be happy with less XD
I agree strongly with your 1st feature as it is difficult to replicate situations where someone is both carrying a light source and has unusual vision characteristics. An alternative way of implementing this might be to allow grouping of light sources on the dynamic lighting layer with tokens from the token layer so that they are moves simultaneously. If I understand your 3rd feature correctly, this would also be used to create windows and similar map features where a player can't move his token across a line drawn on the dynamic lighting layer but can still see through this line. This is the upgrade I have been expecting the most ever since I've started using dynamic lighting in my games. If I may, I would add a 4th feature request which I believe is in line with the other features you have requested. It would be great to let the GM choose the color of the darkness beyond a token's vision. This way, dynamic lighting could be used to replicate areas covered in smoke, fog, rain, falling snow, etc instead of just darkness.

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I think your 4th feature is in line with the idea of the 2nd one I asked for but yes it would be nice. To be honest, though, i'm not sure roll20 moderator actually pay much attention to suggestions :-/

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I'd love for your 3rd idea with a feature that does a sort of a "one way line" where one one side of the line can be seen through and the other side can't.  I would also like to second the ability to choose the color of a light source, as it would allow me to do all kinds of great effects with ambiance in a battlemap, that I usually have to accomplish with weird gradient objects, or hardmapping into a battlemap I make