New player looking

I am a completely new player, as is my friend Claire, I made us both characters the other day, thinking thst it would be easy to find a group to play with. (I was wrong) we both live in England so we are in the Gmt/utc time zone. The biggest issue is thst with my job, I have no real way of knowing what days I will be free to play.
Hi Waretiger! I'm a paid DM who's walked many new players through the basics of D&D. If you're interested, drop me a PM here or on Discord: UnityNooblet#3614 I have a campaign starting that runs on variable days, according to player schedule. So that would work for you.
I'm not sure about paying just yet but I appreciate the offer I'm looking to try before I buy, so to speak
No problem, good luck finding a game :)
i have 2 campaigns that i am running/playing. both are weekly games, and the first we play on Sundays 1-5 mountain time it is a 3e gestalt monk campaign, and the other is a Post-apocalyptic campaign which plays similar to 3E, we play it on Sundays 7-9 pm Mountain time. I have one spot open for each campaign. I would love to have you in either campaign so message me if your interested. also these games are FREE
I'll have to see what I can sort out with work, my time off is sporadic at best

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I have a game today at 11:30am Pacific time.