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[LFP] [Pathfinder]The Nexian Empire: City of Undeath

The great necromaner Nex, rose to power gathering many powerful allies and making as many potent foes. His conquest of the elven lands just beginning, the restraining laws set by the god king failing, whispers of his reach for lichdom. Kerramore has her ruler and the empire grows but not before tragedy strikes. Hundreds of miles away people see the sickly green Nova of energy radiate across the sky. The peasant and lords alike wonder is his plan worked. A few of his trusted advisors enter his ritual chamber at the top of the Iron Spire and find only a pale white half elven girl barely older than 18 clutching a bone white skull and sobbing. If her words speak truth, she is the child of the humorless man they advised. Do they help her continue her supposed father's empire or strike for power during the uprest? Session Time: Wednesday @ 515 CST Weekly Campaign Style: Heavy Intrigue and Politics  Please include a short synopsis of your character. Players will be chosen by those with more unique and interesting stories. :)
How short of a synopsis are you looking for?
Like a woman's skirt. Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep me interested.
Alright, I've got a tendency to ramble in backstories, but I tried to keep it a good length. Thrall Snaketongue, Elven Rogue The elf who would become the tall, bone-thin rogue Thrall Snaketongue spent much of his growing life hiding from the society he was too weak to exist in, reading a library's worth of books over and over. He came to the conclusion that the races of the world "weren't creatures, they were machines, calculations that [he] could solve, automatons with levers [he] could pull". He developed a hatred of weakness and a love for leveraging his strengths to bring others below him, emphasised by his habit of cutting the tongues from his enemies' mouths so they would be completely at his mercy, unable to retort to his insults. When he left his home and took the name Thrall Snaketongue, he chained his sister, who had been the one enabling his hermithood, to her bed in the night, cut out her tongue, and burned his books, the house, and her all to ash. In Nex he saw a worthy king to attempt to play vizier to (and perhaps one day stab in the back). Only time will tell if the tragedy will drive him to continue the work of the only man he sought fit to call master or to topple everyone in the scramble for power as well as the system they try to claim for their own.
Would you be able to make it a late nightgame? 9 pm cst?
Not willing to change time. 
Still have spots to fill :D