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[LFP] Starfinder Saturdays! - Horror Adventure


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Heyo, longtime Pathfinder GM here looking to assemble a group for Starfinder. The game I have planned out is a dark gritty horror styled game mainly around travelling from seedy space ports through the vast emptiness of space in search of plunder. The players will primarily be scavengers in search of wrecked spaceships, ravaged empty space stations, and whatever else they find that can hold treasure.  Game will be weekly on Saturdays @ 520pm CST  Please submit your interest with a brief synopsis of your character including info such as: Race, Background, and why they now are scavengers. Interesting and unique submissions garner special attention.  In the vast darkness of space much of what was once a vast space faring empire has been destroyed. Reclaimed by the cosmos many of these floating space hunks hold valuables and there is no way better in the cosmos to become filthy rich. Do you dare brave some of the dangerous areas in search of plunder beyond your dreams? What will you do when you learn a group of cannibals have turned the ruined debris into their home and church to their dark god? Do you panic and flee when the abandoned station turns out to house unspeakable beasts? 
Hello Doom This is an introduction to the male lawful good Shirren Mystic character with a priest theme. Speech name: Xilyte [Soul Name: Zecht-Kesca]. Background Born in a primitive isolated camp nested in the vast desert of Fullbright on Verces, Xilyte was born as a hungry, fat larva. Throughout his upbringing the messy mud-hut camp, buzzed with life and happiness, despite their unfortunate circumstances. The threat of rebel cells attacking their camp was not only real but a recurring occurrence, since they would frequently make trades with surrounding nomadic tribes. Camp Keshka, as the Shirrens called it, was a desert farming community and knew nothing about warfare or protective perimeters. With their perpetual vulnerability, the host and the council of elders came to an agreement that their peaceful attempts at negotiation with the bandits, has been met with nothing but continued hostile actions. Something had to change. Like the great dodgers of direct confrontation they naturally dug into the desert and connected a great network of underground tunnels, both in an attempt to throw off pursuers but also for the pure ecstatic enjoyment of multiple path selection. Here, the simple minded brutes could not reach them and so, camp keshka flourished from the modest camp to a full blown underground city. The community praised Hylax as their main goddess but frequently called praise to a number of other deities, namely Pharasma, Sarenrae & Talavet. However Hylax's temple would be the main attraction of the central part of the city. The temple was the foundation of all other constructions in the cave honoring all their deities. This temple was, however barely more then a slightly less crummy dirt cave. Throughout the tunnels of Keshka the Song of Locality could be heard. Shirrens of Keshka was no different then any other and enjoyed the sense of community above all else. This was taught to their young larva from birth in form of a song. Not only did the harmonic convergence of their total voice ring like sweet candy in their receptors it also intimidated any animalistic predators who crawled into their network. Reason for adopting the life of adventure. Xilyte grew into a scrawny Shirren, standing below the average height of his specie. His pale exoskeleton carried with it noticeable markings of his many great adventures to the above ground before he was put on sanitation duty on the temple grounds. His family was all around him, as the host was their one true parent, many of them were not relate-able at all but this was a trivial matter to the Shirrens and Xilyte as well. Peace and prosperity reigned in their underground paradise and while Xilyte grew impatient with his responsibilities he was not one to break away from the pact. One day a distant voice was heard throughout the tunnels, a creature had made its way to the heart of the city. Wounded and delussinoal from dehydration the human was taken to the council where they choose to nurture him back to health. This human was nothing like they had ever encountered before. His fine delicate clothing carried lines of excessive embroideries and motives of courageous animalistic figures. His skin, albeit bruised, was soft and clean. The man carried no visible weapons and was equally fascinated with his surroundings once he awoke. This was Xilytes first encounter with the fabled ring world that could be seen over the horizon. While the sky never turned dark in Fullbright the massive towers of the ring world was their only resemblence of stars on the always sunny sky. The council was soon troubled by the mans tale of betrayal. He was a politician, a council man in his community who had been cast out and exiled. While the man was happy to share his tale he found the Shirren to grow wary of him, with the exception of Xilyte. Xylite would happily listen to the man for days without end, and like a true companion, he would show him the city of Keshka. One unfortunate day Xilyte was requested to see the man safely back to the surface so he could move on. Xilytes young spirit was ecstatic to share this short journey, even if he were to say his goodbyes to his friendship. Upon discovering that his political rival had survived this long after he secretly exhiled him and usurped his position, a battle cruiser was deployed to put an end to the situation. As the man emerged from the tunnels he was met with the sight of an approaching danger, quickly he pulled Xilyte from the tunnels and told him to hide in the ruins above ground. The man gave Xylite his one remaining belonging, a memory card and told him that this would one day save his community just like he would save theirs. As the battle cruiser landed in the vicinity they scanned the area and quickly seized the politician. What followed was several hours of torture in the burning heat as they attempted to figure out who had helped him survive in this barbaric wilderness. Not once did he mention the Shirren. From beneath the ground a voice of reason rumbled, like a million small feet drumming in unison towards the surface, just as the politicians eyes went blank a thousand Shirrens erupted from the tunnels and swarmed the villains. And with a well placed set of flashes the Battle Cruiser rained terror down on top of the hive. The Song of Locality became smaller and quieter until just one voice remained. In the ruins. Hidden.
What time on Saturdays?
Apologized, editted it in. 520 CST pm
@ Andreas T. So that is a very intersting character concept. However I am not sure if I am missing the connection between what you put and my summary regarding how the characters will be scavengers. The game will focus mainly on the characters travelling space in search of wrecks and ruins. 
I wasn't ignoring it by any means but by the time i got through the main story i was already a page deep. I figured scavengers come from all sorts of places so it wouldn't really matter what the background story was. However if it doesn't fit your game that's fair enough, no arguing there.
Could you write me something as to why Xilyte now is aboard a space ship scrounging the cosmos? Why he does it, what he hopes to get out of it?
Ok, I'll do that.
Still have 3 slots to fill. :)
2 Spots. :D