[LFG] [D&D 5e] Focus more on Rp than combat

I am a rather experienced player that have been playing many different games but are fairly new to D&D. I know the basics and how to create characters but still learning. I am looking for a game with focus on Rp, story and such over Combat. of course i want some combat to but i dont want it to be the focus i wanna roleplay not only roll play I would prefer a somewhat homebrew and open game. Where magic items and such are not thrown in in abundance. I do like magic items and such but i want it to be somethign you really have to work for not reach level 3 and have magic vewapons, rings and a whole bunch of potions, scrolls and wands already. Not go out kill a bunch of monster gather the tressure and rush to closest town to buy the best equiptment possible and head to next fight to get meore and and more gold  to rush back and upgrade again :) More focus on story, rp and character development than to just fight and try to get the most powerful characters possible so to say. I am a rather easy going person and i play  for fun. To make a fun living and interesting story with my group guided by the DM. In a world where actions have consequences. where there are choises and interaction with Npc's and so on. Some tension between group members can really be fun as long as everyone know the difference between characters having arguments and players having it. And as long it does not lead to actuall pvp and players killing each other so to say If there are any DM's out there that runs something that fits this description and need players feel free to answer either here or in a PM I have a rather open shedual so most times can work and most days besides sunday. And i am not looking for any pay to play games. Sorry Dennis :)
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I can only say I agree wholeheartedly with what you have written. RPGs are so much more than just combat simulations or live-action versions of Decent. I'm currently looking for either a group to DM or a DM to join, my problem however is that of timezones and my current living situation. I'm at GMT +2 and can often play between 7 PM and midnight and prefer to do so text only as not to disturb the people I live with in a very small apartment. Do you have any preferences regarding time/timezone and voice or text play?
I hear a lot of people complain about the lack of role playing in DND, and it's a valid complaint. The DM can only do so much to force players to role play and not focus on combat, but the very nature of DND has always been a that at it's core it is a tactical simulation first and a role playing game second. Gygax and Anderson were avid war gamers and loved tactical simulation. DND has it's roots in war gaming and has never strayed far from it. Not saying that's a bad thing. Just saying that if you want more role play as opposed to roll play then why not try a system that was/is centered around role play? There are so many out there. Also, I've done a lot of work in the past to force DND into a role play heavy system and the result is that it doesn't look like DND anymore. Getting rid of levels, xp, and treasure "tracking" is a good start.  It's up to the DM/GM to push for role play in any system. You can use a screw driver to hammer nails but it's not really meant for that. Anyways, why not try systems that don't have a heavy focus on combat? Not saying these systems are without combat but they tend to have a "feel" that they're more about role playing than combat. Systems like Call of Cthulhu, Amber Diceless, My Life With Master, Paranoia, Changeling, Wraith, Traveller, Star Trek RPG, Over the Edge, Trail of Cthulhu, FATE, many titles from Pelgrane Press, Fiasco, many White Wolf titles, Numenera, The Sprawl, and many many more. I've ran many sessions where we didn't roll a single dice and they were sessions that I'll remember fondly for the rest of my life.  Anyways, not saying I disagree with anything, but if you're not finding the RP that you want from DND then maybe branch out. You'll be pleasently surprised. 
Thanks for the advice gygaxian. But as i said in the first rows on my posts i am rather experienced with other games. and several of the ones you mentioned. But i do think DnD is a fun game from what little i played of it and would like to find a game that is a bit more Rp focused than the standard DnD game As you say the DM can only do so much. But if a game is described as rp heavy when lookign for players and in the game description it is normaly people with that prefereance that apply. a player that want a pure dungeon crawler game would probably not apply to a game that is anounced to be more RP than comba. And one that want more RP focus would probably not apply to a game that is anouunced to be a classic dungeon crawler :)
And Mike i can relate to your situation. I have been in similar situations. But as it is now i have a whole house to myself so i do prefere voice over chat 
You may want to check out our game. I'm not sure what timeslot you're looking for. We play 9PM EST until about 12 on Tuesdays. We're only level 2, 2 sessions in, so its a great time to join. DM is https://app.roll20.net/users/1699322/swade if interested.
I have a game today at 11:30am Pacific time.