Here ye! Hear ye! For those who love the old school hand drawn style with a kick of modern flair, these sets are for you! Spell Tokens When your caster blasts a foe, you need to have an accurate representation of your effects. Now, your walls, auras, concentration, and area of effect spells can be tracked on the battlefield with over 60 graphical representations bringing your campaign to life. Each art type comes in several shapes, sizes, and colors to fit the dimensions of your favorite spells as well as a few custom creations. Also included is a set of measuring tools for your own spell creations. Torture Chamber Tokens Blood spills, guts splat, and characters find themselves in the most gruesome story told coming to life with this set of bizarre and disgusting tools of death. Meticulously designed chamber traps, gadgets, and inventions made for the purest of evil characters to delight in the pain of others. Town & Market Token Pack Nothing derails adventures like a simple trip to the market. When simple downtime turns in to an epic adventure you need to be ready with shops, goods, and wares. With over 100 items ranging from blades to fruits and inn/tavern props to sleeping bags, you will find everything you need to add excitement to your Town & Market experience.