Listing all objects in player-page

Hi all, I have something like this page=Campaign().get('playerpageid'); totals = _.reduce(findObjs({ pageid: page, type: 'graphic', isdrawing: false, layer: 'objects' }),function(m,o){    m.numberOfcities += 1;    sendChat('','Page ' + o.get('pageid') + ' City'+m.numberOfcities + ' at (' + parseInt(o.get('left')) + ',' + parseInt(o.get('top')) + ') = ' + (parseFloat(o.get('bar3_value')) || 0));    ... } Is this supposed to run the function on all tokens on and only on the PlayerPage? (if so, I'm getting some funny behaviour: I cloned the page with Transmogrifer, and while only having 1 token in each page, in different positions and with different green bar values, he returns Page -KtkOmoBqKKDCk21mKfF City1 at (378,1211) = 2000 Page -KtkOmoBqKKDCk21mKfF City2 at (378,1211) = 2000 Does it look like a reportable bug? (or is it me? :D)
The Aaron
API Scripter
It's a bug I've reported before which "should never happen".  Basically, transmogrifying a page does not change the ids of the tokens on it, so by copying it that way, you have multiple tokens with the same "unique" id.  When you try to get them by id then you grab the same old one twice.  The easiest way to fix this is to select all of them on a layer, copy them, delete them, paste them and realign them.  That will cause them to get new ids.
(y) ! Thx Aaron, makes sense :)