Critical Hit Tables

So I've done a table for critical hit effects. How do I get it so I click on the image it shows as the result, but displays the icon meant to show the effect? I've tried shift-click, I've tried control-click... neither of those work. On the results it shrinks the icon down to unreadable sizes and I want to expand it as if I was showing an image WITHOUT putting it as a token on the map (mostly because clicking "token" only displays the top result in the table list rather than the rolled result, i.e. clicking token forever puts a "2x damage" token on the map and no other results)?
Ed S.
You should really just use text if you are putting it into chat. The image is meant for use on the tabletop as a token. A token on the map that has come from a table can be randomized by right clicking on it and selecting "random side".
That's inconvenient, but thanks.