iOS app stuck

The Roll20 iOS app just stays on the loading screen. I deleted and reinstalled the app.  Still stuck
Roll20 Team
Hi David A., Sorry for the delayed response! Just a few questions for you to try and pinpoint the issue: 1) Is this a new issue that has come up or its been happening since you started using the app? 2) Does this happen with all games or just one in particular? If it is just one, what is the name of the game? 3) Are you using the Roll20 app for managing character sheets/dice rolls or the Table on Tablet available to subscribers? Thank you!
Been happening since I first tried several months ago.  Happens with all games.  Not using Roll20 Ios App for anything because it will not load
Roll20 Team
Just to confirm so I can provide the correct info to the devs: Is this the native app from the app store or is it the Table on Tablet feature through your browser? If it is the latter, could you please provide a console log as outlined here: Thank you!
It is the app from the Apple App Store