5th edition OGL version 1.6 question

I created a character in the 5th edition OGL character sheet.  After playing around with it, I saw in the settings "Roll Queries" was set to "Always roll advantage".  I changed this to 'advantage toggle' and this turned off the advantage roll to hit (when testing weapons) but it still seems to be rolling advantage on damage and spells.  Is there a setting I am missing?  I have for 'Auto Damage roll' to roll "auto roll damage and crit".  I have the character sheet set to 'normal' (at least 'normal' is red highlighted).  Any help is apprisiated, thank you in advance.
Can you give screen shots of what you are seeing? Also by settings do you mean in-game settings on the character sheet, or out-of-game Game Settings. If out-of-game settings, then these settings apply only to newly created character, not pre-existing. In order to affect pre-existing characters you will need to click the 'Apply Default Changes' button that is in the in-game settings.
Scott C.
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As far as I know,there isn't any advantage rolling for damage in 5e. Do you have multiple damage types on your weapon/spell? Cause it displays the two damage types side by side as individual rolls.
I used the compendium to add 'club' to my equipment and it auto-added club to my weapons (great feature).
Ahh, thanks for the screenshot. I know exactly what you are talking about now. The reason that you are 'rolling advantage on damage' is because you are using the setting 'auto roll damage and crit' in addtion to using 3D dice. Roll20 does not know if you rolled a crit at the time of attack and as such the 3D dice automatically roll the normal damage dice AND the critical damage dice. However once the dice have been rolled, Roll20 knows whether you need to critical damage or not and either adds it in to the roll template in the chat window or ignores the die roll. Unfortunately the only way to prevent this from happening is to change the setting that automatically rolls damage.
Thank you, now I know the reason, I can tell everyone else.  We use the chat window for actual numbers anyway.