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Unsure where to post...if wrong place let me know and ill take it down. i have an old d10 character I had wanted to convert to there a way ?
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For your question it would get answered better on a forum that is more aimed towards those questions. Your questions runs afoul of the Code of Conduct (see below). This post is being moved to the archived off-topic forum and closed. If you have any question related to roll20 please create a new post. Have a good day and good luck. From the Roll20 Community Code of Conduct : The Roll20 Forums exist to discuss topics directly related to the use of the Roll20 program. Anything that more fittingly could be discussed on another website SHOULD be discussed there. Here are some good places to discuss this topic: /r/rpg /r/dnd /r/dndnext /r/ADND /r/Pathfinder_RPG