LFPs and possible DM's for one of the best D&D5e West Marches Experiences you'll ever have.

Hi! I'm in a group that is looking for a couple of really cool people to join our amazing west marches campaign.  Why is it so amazing?        - We currently have a great group of ~20 active, nice, and fun people (including 4 active GM's with their own unique story arcs and quests)        - Everyone seems to have a memorable character, some of us do voices, none of us really know each other, some of us do art, and some of us talk                about obscure music on our discord! You'll really appreciate that last point if you get an invite!        - We have games all throughout the week. Monday through Sunday held at different times. We do have a few Euros so more are welcome!        - We have a really interesting world and the stories our GM's are creating are so damn interesting, you'll become addicted.  What are we looking for?        - Nice people.        - Creative people.        - People who can get along with others, and people are interested in or at least can appreciate all elements of d&d like, combat, roleplay, puzzles etc.        - A basic understanding of the game. Newish players are welcome, but I'd really suggest dipping your toes into a 1 shot or something first.        - People who actually give a damn. D&D, doesn't have to be your life, but these GM's put a lot into their games, and it's amazing to play with people          who are passionate and like to have fun. What the heck is West Marches? It's essentially a drop in D&D campaign. Your interactions and choices matter just like a regular campaign except, we have 4 DM'S (Honestly, you're going to love them. I'm talking some of the premiere DM's in all of roll20 and that's not just me blowing smoke, these guys are unreal), and you can sign up for sessions throughout the week and go out on different quests to progress your character! If you're interested in the best D&D experience on roll20, tell me: - a bit about yourself - your favourite d&d experience of all time - your experience - when you'd be able to play (EST-- games typically go for ~4 hours)and how frequently you think you could partake - What people who've played of you would say about you - If you have any DM experience and if you'd be interested in becoming a DM If you sound like a good fit, I'll contact you!  
before i answer any of the above, im curious if you have any games that are usually around 10 pm est atleast once a week monday - thursday?
ShadowlessCloud said: before i answer any of the above, im curious if you have any games that are usually around 10 pm est atleast once a week monday - thursday? No unfortunately not. We have games that run to 10pm est, but nothing that starts that late.
ahh then i have to pass. Thats the soonest i could play
What about early morning games, after 7am eastern?
I'd be interested in playing. - a bit about yourself My background is film and tv, and I bring a love of story with me to the table. When I DM, I try to bring that out through vibrant characters, voices, and motivations. As a player, I'll bring that same passion and focus it. I'm collaborative and enjoy the shared experience of tabletop storytelling. - your favourite d&d experience of all time I would have to say my second session that I DM'd. The first was a bit nervous, and I was finding my footing. By the second session, I had a bit more confidence, and we were well into game plot territory instead of trying to get all the players together and moving in a single direction. There were some moments that stood out within the session, where players grabbed on to hooks I threw their way and ran with them, some great RP by everyone, and a final moment with a big cliff hanger. There have been other great moments, sessions, and experiences but that has really stuck with me and carried me. - your experience I have been involved in table top RPG's for a few years now, mostly as a DM. I have had a little experience as a player playing in some one shots, but that is about it. I would love to finally be able to play. - when you'd be able to play (EST-- games typically go for ~4 hours)and how frequently you think you could partake I have very open availability M-F, especially during the day. Weekends tend to be busier for me. I am on Central time. - What people who've played of you would say about you Some of my players wrote some quotes for me regarding my DM'ing. I have played some form or another of D&D for 8 years now, and nearly two of those years I’ve known Loren. He is without a doubt the most creative and talented person I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. Not only are his games fun, but the decisions he makes for the characters in the game make sense (and usually lead to an interesting story I feel excited about uncovering). If you like action, suspense, and drama, Loren is your man. - Thomas B. I've played with Loren for over a year and a half. We've gone through a number of WOTC modules. Loren has done a great job of managing the stories but also adding things to it related to our character backgrounds. He comes up with voices and personalities for NPCs which are great; I believe he's been fair in any rulings on gameplay; he's always prepared. I would highly recommend Loren as a DM. - Brad Loren is the best game master that I've had the pleasure to roll with because he puts his players first. For a year and a half, he has been dedicated to my fun, my character's story, and the creation and maintenance of a world that responds realistically and dynamically to every single bat-shit crazy scheme and plot that I throw at him. Loren is a master listener and will work with you to create the fully-realized gaming experience that you clicked on this listing to find. - James - If you have any DM experience and if you'd be interested in becoming a DM It is possible that I would be able to DM. I've never played West Marches before and am interested to see what it is like. That is a huge part of why I'd like to play - if it clicks with me, then I'd be happy to discuss further the possibility of doing some DM work.
I am a underground miner by trade which means I work an odd schedule. I live on the west coast so your start times are perfect for me. I have played and dm'd since ad&d but fell off when my group moved. I have been doing for over a year again and tbqh I would like to be a player and with your "drop in schedule" this works out perfect! My favorite moment is when I had a player push his luck and push it and push it at a tavern where so rough locals were playing cards. He lost and wouldn't pay. Turns out the guy at the table was a highly skilled assasin for the king and he carved his initials on the players forehead. In turn he was cursed and every time he had to make a charisma saving throw the scar would glow and the words properly of steelsplint would appear making for more then a few good rp sessions. The pc(the player knew)never figured out how he got cursed. i would think people would say that I was a quirky, fair dm who had a firm grasp of what his players motivations were.  Thanks for the consideration  Cheers! Flip
Would love to get into your group! Have not played a D&D game myself. But I have played turn based RPG Videogames. Most recent was Mario+Rabbids.  I also listen to D&D podcasts like Critical Role, Dice Funk, & The Unexpectables. So I am familiar with some aspects of the game.  Currently I have a lot of time on my hands. So scheduling should not be a issue I think. I do have the Monster Manual 5ed, Players Handbook 5ed, & Volo's Guide to monsters on hand for physical references. As well a binder with character sheets & notebook. Currently have part-time job. hope to get full time but for sessions it works out so far. RPG videogames are one of my favorite types of games! And I want to get into D&D from all the sessions Ive listen too make it sound like something I could get really into! Thanks for Listening
I really enjoyed my previous West Marches game, and could see doing another. About myself; I push the limits of any given system. I wouldn't say I'm a powergamer, rather, I enjoy taking features or spells and applying them in ways likely not intended, or at least not likely intended to succeed. I also tend to try, to varying success, to make large changes to the worldstate. I would be the guy to decide to found a kingdom or lead a crusade, or try and rally an army against a threat. I also tend to make morally dubious characters, but that is far from a necessity if you guys aren't into evil PCs. My favorite experience; I was playing a low-level paladin. I think I might have been level two, maybe three, and this was one of my first excursions since my wizard died. Skipping story, there was this fallen monolith with four sides, and one had been activated. It summoned some kind of fiends, and the other three sides were buried, so we repaired it (curious what it might do) by hauling the massive thing up and holding it while the rogue repaired the base and the cleric mended. Thing was, the fighter and I were stuck lifting and holding, which meant strength checks and con saves. No problem, my +4 strength and +2 con (I rolled real nice) should be fine. I failed every test. Six in a row, and got three levels of exhaustion. We start activating sides, and well darnit if we didn't get more fiends. The party fought on, but I was the main tank with 3 levels of exhaustion while on difficult terrain. Combat combat combat, three of the five fiends are down, but I am the ONLY party member left up, no more healing, spells slots burned. And I have constant disadvantage. The fight was brutal, the fiends needed only to hit me once and this would become a TPK, while they all had over half HP. Three rounds later, allies were stable, and I was pulling my blade from the last of the beasts gut. Never did learn what the monolith was for. Experience; I've gotten about six months experience in DnD total. So while I'm not a veteran, I think that fact that I've played over 300 hours at this point and the fact that I do 3 sessions per week has given me a bit of a rapid learning curve. Availability; This is something harder for me to pin down, since I work in food service and my schedule is in flux frequently, on top of being a seasonal worker. That said, I do have weekends off, alongside most weekday mornings and a few evenings. The fluctuating schedule is one of the reasons I enjoy West Marches.  What people would say about me; I've been told I'm creative, though not artistically so. I'm also a proactive player, and I am more likely to take initiative than wait for someone else to step forward. That said, they'd likely also mention that I'm courteous, and I encourage group consensus and other players action. I'll be honest, I could definitely dust up on my roleplaying skills, but that's mostly due to the casual nature of the games I'm currently in.  DM experience; I do have a bit of experience, but I feel as though I wouldn't be able to hold up to your cast of amazing DMs. I'm certainly not opposed to it, but I doubt I'd add anything of worth considering limited experience.