Seeking GM for weekend Shadowrun 5e (Open to paid GM)

My friend and I are new to tabletop gaming in general. We're very interested in starting a Shadowrun game. I am generally familiar with the world and I have a basic grasp on how Shadowrun works but no actual experience. I am willing to pay for an experienced GM if the rate is reasonable. I would prefer 5th edition rules but am open. Voice and cam preferred. I sleep for graveyard shift so I'm free on the weekends from the evening through about noon of the next day. Ideal windows of time (in CDT) are Saturdays 7 pm through Sunday 11 am and Sunday 7 pm through Monday 11 am.

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Wow, that is a rough shift.  Fist bump from a former graveyard shift airline worker. :P I might be able to GM a game for you.  Saturday is the better day of the two for me, but it would have to be every second Saturday.  I'm in EST, so the starting hour isn't a huge concern for me since I'm basically next door, time-wise.  Does that work for you, or are you more interested in a weekly game? EDIT: Also, is the cam required?  I can do voice, but I don't have a really workable camera situation.
I have about six years of experience working graveyard shift so I'm pretty much a vampire at this point. I should also mention that I'm open during the week from about 7 AM to noon but I didn't figure many other people are up and ready for battle at those hours. Sounds good to me! No cam is fine. As long as we have voice it works for me. Every other week works for me just fine as well. If use discord you can message me ( TVisGOD#9873 ) and we can sort out details.
Would you be open to pathfinder? I am able to do both Saturday or Sunday night each week. Very experienced and already doing a couple games on here. Can do voice and cam, and love teaching new players. I've got quite a few different campaigns written that I can run, including one in a homebrew setting, and the rest in Golarion.
If Shadowrun doesn't work out then I'd be open to Pathfinder or DnD. I realize that's probably where I should start but a fantasy setting doesn't excite me the same way cyberpunk does.
I do use Discord and I will contact you tonight.