Starter Set Map


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Solved -------- ------ Hi all, Before buying the player's map version by itself, just wanted to double check if this is available, or will be available in the future, on roll20. Thanks!
The Aaron
API Scripter
You mean this?
No. The module only includes the DM version of the map with fog of war enable. I want to give a map to my players without the DM notes. The map below without the location of the hideout, castle, lair, places that the players have not visit.
Roll20 Team
Hi Juan, As far as I know, we do not have the unmarked map from the Starter Kit. It was not provided to us in the files we were given initially, which is why there is the version with Fog of War for now. We may at some point be able to do an update, but it is not currently in the production schedule for the forseeable future. -Mel
I see. Thank you both!