D&D 4E character sheet question

Is it possible to auto sort all the powers on a character sheet by type (I.E. All at-wills first, then encounters, then dailies, then magic items)? Some of my player's sheets are starting to get really filled up with all the powers they have and want to know if we can do something about it, without basically going back and manually changing all the powers if possible.
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No. The 4e sheet was created before some of the features of repeating sections were added, and so the author decided to simply create 100 power entries instead of relying on repeating sections which (at the time) did not have the necessary capabilities. The sheet could conceivably be updated to use a repeating section and sheet workers, and could probably even include a means to auto-sort the repitems, but that would be a major overhaul and as far as I'm aware the original author hasn't kept up with it.
Alright then, thanks for the information.