Shaped Sheet Special Effects

I haven't seen anything in the  Issue Tracker for 5e Shaped Sheet regarding special effects.  Are they broken? Seems like no matter what I choose or how it renders, the effect is always fire explosion on source character.  What am I doing wrong, or is this a broken feature that won't be fixed due to something else?
Sheet Author
Last time I checked it was working. If it's not working please open an issue.
I've confirmed that is is working here, as well. Are you using the drop down options in the spells, or trying to add an /fx command as freetext/freeform to an attack or other feature? The latter is not as straightforward as the former.
Yes, I'm using the drop down options in the spells. Sorry Kryx, it's probably just me. I've been unable to make it work since I started using your sheet a few months ago. Under the spell options there is the check box which allows you to type in which fx and from the source/target relationship you want. But no matter what I type, it's just fire explosion on source. Is that not how it works?
I see that you are a Pro user, but are you the creator of the game? That might make a difference as to whether the FX will spawn. "Source-Burn" sounds like the default for non-subscribers.
Here's a screen cap of what works for me, to produce a fire beam from source to target. Is this different from what you are doing?
Sheet Author
@Stephen, do you have the Shaped Script installed? That's required for it to work.
I have the shaped script installed, I'm a pro user, and I am the creator.