Help with an html replacement roll


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I've looked at the advanced usage for roll queries , and it's a little over my head, so I'm seeing if someone can help show me what I'm doing wrong. I'm wanting to make an inline roll which adds a character's Survival skill to a 1d20 roll.  But I'm wanting to do this without using "selected" or "target," but rather from a list of player names.  So, with an individual character, the roll looks like this: [[1d20+@{Varcan|survival}]] This works just fine, but then I want to make a roll where I can choose from the characters with a dropdown query.  So I came up with this: [[1d20+@{?{Who?|Varcan|Dorian|Fitstan|Lucian}|survival}]] But then I only get the d20 roll, it doesn't add the bonus. Where am I going wrong? EDIT:  Looking at the above code, there should be a "&125;" after "survival."  Seems that the forum ate some of my HTML replacements.

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Did some poking around and was ending up with the same results as yourself. While I'm no macro genius, it's looking like it may not be feasible. That being said, there is a work around that can be done: rolling each character's check and putting in a template for organization purposes: /w gm &{template:default} {{name=Survival Checks}}{{Varcan:=[[1d20+@{Varcan|survival}]]}}{{Dorian:=[[1d20+@{Dorian|survival}]]}}{{Fitstan:=[[1d20+@{Fitstan|survival}]]}}{{Lucian:=[[1d20+@{Lucian|survival}]]}} You'll end up with an output something like below. Then you can just reference the desired character you wanted to roll for.
Due to the order of operations in the chat window, you cannot use a query to determine part of an attribute or ability. You will need to use ?{Who? |Varcan,@{Varcan|survival} |Dorian,@{Dorian|survival} |Fitstan,@{Fitstan|survival} |Lucian,@{Lucian|survival} }
Ok, that seems to be working, thanks, Kyle!