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Looking for Players for a custom system RPG!

I am looking for players for my own custom RPG, Nafinian Nexus. It takes place in my own world, and can take place in any time period. It's mostly an RPG for scalies, but it's got MANY, many options to play. Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with r20 to host it here, but I have a Discord Server for the game! And I also have a WIX website for it! If you have any questions, please enter my server and regale me with your inquiries~ Also hi, I'm Alzoru the seadragon. I'm pleased to meet you! :D
Andrew R.
Sheet Author
You should put your time zone in your profile. It helps GMs and players choose you. 
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Only games hosted on Roll20 servers may be advertised via Roll20 tools.  Here are some good places to discuss this topic: /r/rpg /r/LFG