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[5e OGL] problem with repeating_attack

Hi, I've got a problem with referencing weapons and spells in the attack-block of the 5e OGL Charactersheet 1.6. I try to build macros for attacks, but the macros fail, if the referenced attack is a weapon attack. If it is a spell everything is fine. Here's what I do: @{selected|repeating_attack_$0_atkflag} If the selected character token has a spell equipped in the first slot this returns "0", which is fine, but if its a weapon it returns "{{attack=1}}" and it breaks the macro I use it in.

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How are you trying to use this in your macro? That is the intended behavior for that flag
I am trying to use this in the PowerCards 3 script (v3.5) in a condition to create a macro which executes different rolls and displays different information depending on wether this is a weapon or a spell attack. But if it behaves like it should, then the problem probably lies within PowerCards. The (simplified) example I posted below works fine if slot 0 is a spell but crashes if it's a weapon. !power {{ --charid|@{selected|character_id} --target_list|@{target|Ziel|token_id} --?? @{selected|repeating_attack_$0_atkflag} == 0 ?? Spell:|@{selected|repeating_attack_$0_atkname_base} --?? @{selected|repeating_attack_$0_atkflag} <> 0 ?? Weapon:|@{selected|repeating_attack_$0_atkname_base} }} The output is Spell: Poison Spray but for a weapon it shows Lavaeolus (GM): --?? {{attack=1}} <> 0 ?? Weapon:|Martial Arts Schlag }}
I haven't used powercards myself so I don't know if this is possible, but could you not use the _spellid attribute for the attack to be able to distinguish instead of the atkflag. This attribute will be empty if it is for an attack, but for a spell it will have the SPELLLEVEL_ROWID for the linked spell.
Thanks a lot for the quick solution, that did the trickl I was thinking about replacing atkflag with something else to differentiate between spells and weapons but I did not have _spellid on my screen. And mentioning the spelllevel_rowid in your answer gave me a good clue where and how to find additional information for spells, for example the spell description.
That's awesome! Glad it worked out for you