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spiritual weapon

hey when i drag spiritual weapon from the compendium the damage for higher levels is 0.49 so when i cast at higher levels it doesn't work. Using  5th Edition ( OGL by Roll20 )

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Forum Champion
Hi Thom , could you please explain in what ways Spiritual Weapon is malfunctioning for you?
i drag it to my character then when i cast it at higher level it does lower level damage but it said for higher level damage is 0.49 d8

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Forum Champion
From the Compendium : When you cast this spell using a spell slot 3rd level of or higher, the damage increases by 1d8 for every two slot levels above the 2nd . This means that Spiritual Weapon does an additional 1d8 damage when cast using a 4th-level spell slot, an extra 2d8 when cast using a 6th-level spell slot, or an additional 3d8 damage when cast using an 8th-level spell slot. The (0.49 * Spell Level)d8 compensates for this mechanic. I tested the spell just now, and it functions accordingly.
oh sorry i feel dumb :(
Forum Champion
That's alright, it's definitely not an intuitive mechanic, and I wanted to make sure everything functions properly with the updated sheet. Happy rolling!