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Blades in the dark searchable tag?

Was scrolling through the auto searchable tags, and was saddened when Blades in the dark didn't have its own search function. Is that a thing we could get added?
Games must meet a minimum threshold of popularity before they are listed in the dropdown. See the wiki for more: In the meantime, select "Other Games" and be sure to put the name and/or genre of the game you are playing prominently in the description.
Roll20 Mod Team
The games dropdown menu exists to help standardize the options available (example: 4E vs. 4th Edition vs. D&D4, etc). No matter how many games are listed, some may not make the cut. Games are added to the list periodically. This ensures obscure listings gain greater visibility when sorted via the Other Games option and helps keep away “empty” search listings for underrepresented titles. If you feel a game should be listed, encourage your community members to play and post often. The more community attention a title receives the more likely it is to be added to the list, but the Suggestions forum is not a viable route for getting a game on the games dropdown menu. I'll be closing this thread and releasing the votes.