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Drop Down menu for skills (GURPS)

I would like to create a drop down menu for my skills so that I can just select them from the list.  This is what I have and it's not working for me.  Any ideas? ?{Skill?|First Aid,@{Selected|roll} [[3d6]] @{Selected|VS} First-Aid/TL6 (Human) [[12 +@{Selected|modifier}]] |Writing,@{Selected|roll} [[3d6]] @{Selected|VS} Writing [[12 + @{Selected|modifier}]] The First Aid part will work fine, but when I go to add the Writing skill, my syntax is not working right.  Any help would be awesome.
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Looks like you're missing a } at the end of the Roll Query

Edited 1506134493
Yeah, I got rid of it because the last part showed "[[12+2" so I removed the bracket.  I will try putting it back and see how that goes. ?{Skill?|First Aid,@{Selected|roll} [[3d6]] @{Selected|VS} First-Aid/TL6 (Human) [[12 +@{Selected|modifier}]] |Writing,@{Selected|roll} [[3d6]] @{Selected|VS} Writing [[12 + @{Selected|modifier}]]|@{Pablo|roll} [[3d6]] @{Pablo|VS} Teaching [[11 + @{Pablo|modifier}]]} This creates a drop down that shows  "First Aid" and "0" as the possible list.
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If replacing the brace doesn't help, try replacing @{Selected| modifier } with ?{Modifier|0}
That worked PERFECT Silvyre.  I still don't understand WHY we have to substitute, but I love that you know how to do it.

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Forum Champion
Cheers! We mostly make those character replacements (as outlined in Advanced Usage for Roll Queries ) because Roll Queries don't play well with extra instances of the characters that are used to contruct Roll Queries. For example, in your case, @{Selected| modifier } resolved to ?{Modifier|0}. The | and } characters within ?{Modifier|0} caused issues for the ?{Skill?} Roll Query, meriting the replacement of those "problematic" characters with their HTML entities.