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Pre-sized Map Tiles.

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I'm a decent consumer of map tiles and other things on the marketplace as I am not artistic in the slightest. It would be great if map tiles could be automatically sized when I drag/drop them onto my map page. It would just be a huge time saver, and since most authors include the tile size in the name of the tile, I can't imagine it would be the hardest thing to implement.
If you hold alt as you are dragging an image it should keep it's resolution (up to a 3x3 square). Not sure if this helps but it's certainly not common knowledge.
This has been a huge problem for me as well.  I don't understand why a correctly-sized map tile purchased from the marketplace can't just be the right size when I drag it onto my map.  For example, if I drag out an 8x7 map tile (with a 1120x980 image on the server), why does it show up as a 2x3 or 3x3 image that I have to manually resize each time?  When dragging images to the map layer, why can't the server check the image size and assume it was created at the correct scale of 140 pixels per unit?
I've noticed something similar with maps I've created for my campaigns. They tend to come out onto roll20 about 70% of the size when directly uploaded, or only a few squares large when taken from the library, and in either case need to be manually adjusted to their correct size via 'set dimensions'. It's weird, you'd think that something put onto the map layer would always default to full size.
This seems like it would be a huge user experience benefit. I bought some dungeon tiles assuming they'd have the necessary meta-data to size, but it sounds like there's no way to do that right now. If it's based on the image resolution and the map's pixel/unit scale it should be possible without adding any additional data or ui to the asset library. 
Looking at the scripting API it seems like it'd be pretty straight forward to implement something in an on("add:graphic") handler. But I'd rather not have to upgrade all the way to pro to get this functionality.
Patrick Von Raven
Marketplace Creator
Yeah, we Marketplace Creators are giving sizing requirements. But when I load them up, they tend to be slightly off.  I've played around with my full sized maps that I sell and found that setting 2724 X 2730 gets you pretty close.