The Block Function

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Hi, I'm a female player, and occasionally you let a player join the group not knowing anything about them and it turns out they're a sexist creep. For the first time in years of using Roll20, I find I want to use the Block function to avoid harassment.  Unfortunately the block does not work say the same as Facebook. The user can still see posts made and reply to them to bring up a notification. Can the dev team look into expanding the block function?  This is the internet and there are all kinds of creeps of all sexes, genders, races, and creeds.
If you haven't already, send an email to and tell them your situation. You can also click the report button on the posts that this creep makes to inform the devs as well. I'm sorry that you are running in to this situation and I hope the devs are able to help you out.
+1  No matter who you are, this is needed for all kinds of reasons! There have been times when we've all wanted to avoid the collective id of the Internet.
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As Kyle said, definitely contact the dev team using the email supplied with as much evidence as you can muster, reporting specific posts etc can help highlight issues also. Harassment is not tolerated on Roll20. +1 for this suggestion too!
There really is no evidence in writing, the guy was said one creepy thing in game, we all shut him down. And then after that it was sexist nonsense saying "listen girl" and calling me "hun" in a derogatory way when I wanted to use my melee build Rogue, in melee... cause he wanted us to do ranged attacks.  The GM kicked him after allowing me to block him for myself. But I got notifications because the guy ended up posting on my application in the looking for players page. Which felt even more creepy. Which is why I make this suggestion.