Gabriel Pickard - Map sizes (corporate)

Mr. Pickard, I was curious on the best sizes for the corporate facilities.  I've been playing with them, but thought you would know better.  Thank you!
Gabriel P.
Marketplace Creator
Sizes!  Glad I got feedback about including them later, I apologize for the inconvenience of their absence early on.  Here's those measurements in grid squares.  Happy gaming. Agro Labs 16x22 Corporate Office 25x23 Cryo Storage 35x15 Data Analysis 16x16 Entry 37x25 Executive Offices 30x12 Hazardous Laboratory 24x10 Junction Four Way 27x26 Junction NS 3 way 27x18 Junction E-W 3 Way 18x26 Junction Corner 18x18 Meeting Room 35x20 Observation Wing 26x9 Octagon Room 12x12 Rec Room 25x31 Research Facilities 30x32 Security Section 17x9 Storage 32x12 Subject Containment 16x12 Testing Lab 17x12 Hall E-W 10x4 Hall N-S 5x10