I have a few ideas: 1.It would ne nice if there is a Option or Box where the Player can make notes. 2.Is it possible to add an Option for range, so you can make your own range? For example in Traveller i need Parsec or a really great range. 3.it would be nice if the GM could make a Folder for the Maps. Because if i make a lot of spaceship, there would be a lot of Maps and it would be easier to put it all in a Folder. 4.I dont know if it exist and couldn't find but is it possible to make a restricted movement but the Player could also see what is there for example he is on a cliff and look down but can't move forward 5.the Option that One Player see the whole Map and the other only there sight (example the Player has a Scanner and see the map) 6. Is it possible that the GM could make a ping that only one player or the ones the GM want to see? Sorry for my bad english