Drag drop images into folders instead of or as an alternative to "upload"

Score + 4
I have to import a massive load of images i have created/gathered for mapmaking, up to 500 files. But i find it horribly inconvenient to organize these files into folders since there is only a 1x1px that responds to the file dropping into folders and finding that pixel is nearly impossible. Can't we get the ability to upload into a folder rather than having to organise from the recent uploads? I hope there will be enough support for it because it's close to a bug for me and hopefully others as well so we can get a fix! Thanks in advance. Stay cool, stay strong, be a GM!
I couldn't agree more Thrizian. PLEASE Roll20 Devs!? ANOTHER OPTION would be to build an interface that allows cloud storage to interact with Roll20 Library. Then we could setup on our own which cloud providers we want to use and which folders to watch and display in the Roll20 interface! This would leverage the power of our computers file/folder tools to move and organize the images.