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Pathfinder Legacy - NPC sheets totally broken as of today.

Hi all. First let me say, I know the Pathfinder Legacy sheet is no longer officially supported. However, a recent update has majorly wrecked the NPC tab. If anyone can take a look, it would be greatly appreciated. Simply put, nothing is calculating. Any grayed out fields are not displaying numbers. This is also affecting rolls. You'll notice my NPC has a Base Attack Bonus of +1 and a Dex of 20, and yet their ranged attack has nothing added to it. Dex to damage is also not being added. (This is also true for rolling initiative, CMB, etc.) If I take this sheet and tab it from NPC to PC, everything calculates correctly and rolls correctly, with all the added bonuses. This was all working less than a week ago. If it can be restored simply by reverting any updates in the last week, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Sheet Author
This was brought up by Bear.&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I've started looking into the issue but haven't found a solution yet.&nbsp; I have submitted a bug report and I made a post for looking for any suggestions from other authors. (see post linked above). FYI: This issue appeared even before I submitted a fix for defensive-abilities not saving.&nbsp; Changed attribute name from "defensive-abilities" to "attr_defensive-abilities".&nbsp; The sheet has remained practically unchanged over the last 3 years.&nbsp; I've made a few small changes/fixes as requested over that time... I'm not sure what this current issue is yet.&nbsp; I'm still digging.&nbsp; Follow the link above to keep updated.