[LFP] [5e] [Time/Date TBD by players on session 0] Forgotten Realms: 9th Circle - Go To Hell!


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Looking for Players, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition  https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/90140/darkstar-9th-circle Started as just a fun idea I'd been toying during my first encounter with the forces of Asmodeus in Neverwinter years ago. Since then, it's been spun into a full-blown campaign concept of epic proportions. We will be using Discord to communicate, building characters (all official Wizards material permitted including UA and Plane-Shifts), rolling stats and setting down an official play time/date on session 0, which will be determined by those interested. As for myself, I'm an experinced DM of ten years, starting in my early teens with 3.5 and 4th, and building up to 5th (began with the playtest, and that was also my first time using Roll20, back when it was still young). I've a love of horror, a gripping story and a dark aesthetic, and usually emphasis Roleplay over combat though making sure that battles are as epic, fun and engaging as any other interaction. While I do enjoy a touch of realism to the fantasies I weave, 'rule of cool' wins out in my games 9 times out of 10.  ------------------------------------- THIS OCTOBER, EMBARK ON AN ADVENTURE THAT'LL TAKE YOU TO HELL AND BACK Across the Forgotten Realms, there come tales of a foul, wretched place through which all evil souls would one-day pass - a realm of torture, of pain, a plane of fire and Domination upon which an infernal empire plots and schemes for the damnation of all things. Such tales refer to the dread *Nine Hells of Batoor,* burning torture-pit of nightmares containing endless Dungeons of carnal delight with evil perversity hiding behind every crag. Yes, this is the home of true terror and dismay where the forlorn are eternally tormented by grotesque Monsters with a taste for flesh and a thirst for mortal souls. And you just happen to be the latest addition to their menu. It is this wretched, burning pit that you have plunged into, this horrid domain of agony and sin that you must battle your way through, descending circle by circle until you reach the throne of Asmodeus, supreme Lord and Master of Evil. For the Grand Archduke of Hell possesses something you want, something destiny decrees you must seize. Along the way you will face countless horrors - Mad Demons, greedy Dragons, hordes of undead, evil sorcerers, antediluvian monsters, nightmare-landscapes, curses most foul, dark secrets, tempters, seducers, those that would see you drawn away from your campaign across the bowels of Hell. Every Circle you pass will change you - your body, your mind and soul will suffer torment as you pursue your blasphemous quest. Yet there is pleasure in this pain, wealth and power that comes with your unholy conquest. When you reach the final layer, will you hold strong to your initial motives? Or will Hell claim you as another twisted servant of the Damned? There is but one way to find out, and no going back now. So say a prayer, grab your gear, gather your comrades and harden your heart as you descend towards... THE 9TH CIRCLE! ------------------------------------- Forgotten Realms: 9th Circle is a Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition adventure designed to begin with a party of four to six 1st-level characters, who should advance to 10th level or higher by the story‚Äôs conclusion. Characters can be living still or dead, either fallen adventurers now sentanced to an eternity of torment for their sin or heroes drawn into the pit through a portal or a deal with a devil gone wrong. Creativity is encouraged and rewarded. 
This sounds pretty interesting. Any estimates at when it would be? Im GMT timezone btw.
We still need to discuss it on session 0, likely somewhere between 2 PM and 8 PM EST between Saturday and Tuesday (the days I personally have off). 
This sounds like it could be a really interesting campaign. I wouldn't mind trying to be a part of it. My timezone is EST and I'm usually free everyday but Friday and at just about anytime with a little bit of warning. Never played an official Forgotten Realms campaign before, so depending on how much detail you'd like us to know about the world I can look into it more.
Sure, sign up here!  https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/90140/darkstar-9th-circle
This sounds like an interesting campaign. I would like to try to be apart of it, if slots are still open. I have played a bit of the first Neverwinter Night on PC. Never played the table top/pen and paper though. Though, descending into hell and so on gives this a Diablo feel to me. Anyways, My timezone is EST. I can play most evenings during the week except wednesday, though I can also play on the weekends. Im not sure if session 0 has happened yet or not but, Im interested in joining if I am still able to.
Most of my experience is with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition. Though, I played a little bit of 4th...or 4.5 edition. Haven't had an opportunity to try out 5th edition/D&D Next yet.
A friend and I are pretty interested in this. We have a fair amount of experience (a year of weekly games) with 5E and would be happy to join if slots are still open. We're available most weekdays (except Thursday and Friday) to play.
Applications are still open, session 0 likely to come either later tonight or sometime during the next few days once we've filled our last 3 slots. 
I'd be interested if this happens on Sundays. Experienced d&d 5e player. Let me know if that would work with your current players so we could talk furthermore. Thanks.
I'm very interested. Especially if your ok with taking a newbie like my self. This would be my first time playing in 10 years. I have brushed up abit on rules and I have a nice character in mind with great backstory.  Newbie problems most likely but I'm extremely excited to start playing again. 
One more spot free - post your app!
I've posted an application on your forum. Is that where you wanted us to post it?
We begin tomorrow evening (Sunday 7:30 PM EST) !