Protocol to Help Players when GM Deletes a Campaign

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The Situation:  A GM creates a campaign, recruits players and then flakes out, deleting the game without notifying players. When a game is deleted, the Players lose everything they contributed in the game, including assets like completed character sheets, content in handouts, system macros and any in-game API commands. The Problem:   Missing out on a game you prepped and contributed to is disappointing enough, but losing all the assets you built for the game is a serious issue. It should be considered normal user behavior to write character backgrounds, API and Macros only into the in-game character sheets. These assets should not be so vulnerable to unreliable game creators. Suggestion: When a game creator deletes a game that has joined-players, the deleted game should go into a holding area for a set period of time (e.g. 48 hours); All players are notified by email that the game has been deleted by its creator and that it will be removed from servers after the holding period expires; While in the holding area, Players can use subscriber/pro tools such as the Transmogrifier or the Character Vault to copy certain assets they either created or control (such as: their character sheets). I am open to any number of methods for claiming the content and would love to hear quality solutions. Notes: If a GM ghosts a campaign and deletes it, players should at least be able to get their characters out. Folks do this often enough that some precautions should be put into place to protect players from the loss of time and effort. Heaven forbid if a player's only copy of their beloved character background is lost in such an incident because they rely on the Roll20 character sheet for data storage. -- I found several threads specifically about notifying players or penalizing naughty GMs. I'm interested in a system that protects Players from content loss.
B Simon Smith
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What if you get kicked out of a game, should you still be able to collect your stuff? Also, why wouldn't you back up anything important that you've written elsewhere?
B Simon Smith said: What if you get kicked out of a game, should you still be able to collect your stuff? Also, why wouldn't you back up anything important that you've written elsewhere? I don't really want to get into the question of whether players "deserve" to collect their stuff, although it's worth noting that I describe a specific use case-- where a GM deletes a game. I do think it should be expected user behavior to simply log into Roll20 and add content (e.g. to their character sheets) without worrying about external backups. The Character Vault and Transmogrifier are really powerful tools for Players to store/back up their content in-game. All I'm trying to say is that it would be great if they could be used precisely when a game is deleted to protect the most recent versions of player assets. I think it would add lots of value to the CV and Transmogrifier if Players get an email saying:  " [GM NAME] has decided to delete [GAME NAME]. Would you like to copy your controlled character(s) to your Character Vault? -- yes/no" I'm not sure if that's feasible or desirable, but all five of the players in my recent game-delete situation would have clicked "Yes" and been less bummed out about their losses.
also i would like to add maybe if a GM wants to quit they are asked to promote a new GM. rather than delete the game. so long as a player is willing and owns the content for example if the game is using a companion purchase like tombs of annihilation then the new gm must also own the item. this would at least give the players the change to continue under a new gm and or longer time to save out there content.