Those who have played with the this sheet know that, while it stores all the essential information, it doesn't offer anything by way of automation. Right now, we are pretty much having to roll all of the right dice and cross-reference the bonus chart on our own. TORG involves a lot of mental math, all of which can be done when you are playing a live game, but its nice to get rid of a part of that load when you can. It helps everyone to focus on roleplaying a little more. Well...I'm pleased to announce that after a LOT of research and work, I now have some pretty decent automation working on the sheet, thanks to the power of roll templates. Best of all, none of this will require access to the API. No Powercards, no custom dice rollers. GM's still won't need the pro subscription to run the sheet (although, you really should get a pro subscription anyway - because Roll20 is awesome and deserves our support). Here is an example of how it will work: 1. Beside each attribute and skill on your Roll20 sheet, you will now get a d20-shaped button: 2. Click on the button and you will be asked about the difficulty for your check. Put in the number that the GM gives to you and... 3. Bam! Through the magic of roll templates, you'll see something that looks like this in chat: (This obviously shows three skill tests, not one; I just wanted to give you an idea about the variety of different kinds of output you will get.) 4. No promises here, but I am hoping to add a button to the bottom of each table that reads: "Possibility." Click on the button and the results of your roll will be updated to reflect the expenditure of a possibility and/or the use of a Hero/Drama card. My longer term plans, after I've explored the potential for a Possibility button, are: (1) Create a similar roll template for a weapon attack (2) Create a roll template for the use of powers (3) Create a series of character attributes and associated macros that modify and track statuses such as stymied, vulnerable, run penalties and wounds, as well as attributes for size. The purpose is to help the GM to calculate the difficulty of attacks, outputting the final difficulty to chat so that the player can quickly transfer it to his/her skill check. (4) In the super long-term, overhaul the sheet design so that it has an appearance that is more like the 5e SRD sheet (but still won't have near the functionality). So, a couple of questions for the community: (1) Do any/all of these features appear to be useful? Which ones are and aren't? (2) Would you rather I get the basic skill rolls going, and iterate a new version of the sheet before moving on to my wish list? Or would you rather wait a little longer and see attack and power templates in the next version as well?