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[LFGM], [LFP] "The Settlement of Cophrigin V" a Star Wars RPG


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The Settlement of Cophrigin V 1 ABY. Do you want to start over? Then begin again in a golden land of opportunity! Now is your chance to join the expedition to Cophrigin V, an uncivilized planet of forested mountains and grassy plains, where you can help create a new settlement! Cophrigin V is a beautiful planet with rich flora and fauna based in the Ash Worlds sector (T7) where YOU MATTER in the society! Applicants to join the expedition will receive financial backing to start their own homestead or business and help build up the economy of the settlement. Imagine the possibilities for you to contribute! Maybe you will build a ranch to herd the native Cophrigin goats? Or perhaps a farm to harvest the local crops? Maybe you’ll make a fortune by mining the treasures hidden beneath the ground? Or will you run the local cantina where everyone can have a nice Corellian whiskey after a day of hard work? Your options are limitless! Apply now! Planetary Settlement and Development, Inc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Everyone, We want to setup a large scale roleplaying game held within the Star Wars universe based on the Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny game systems from Fantasy Flight Games. With this we want to create a more immersed game experience, allowing multiple groups to participate within this settlement. Each group will act independently, but everything is set in the same environment. The essentials you need to know Planetary Settlement and Development, Inc. is the corporation behind the expedition to Cophrigin V and is run by Chairman Dall List, a Muun Banker who is part of the InterGalactic Bank Clan (IGBC). Each group will have Obligation according to the Homestead / Business rules to “Planetary Settlement and Development, Inc.”; other, personal obligation can be taken at the GM’s discretion. Extra information about the planet could be found on the wiki page: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and on our reference guide&nbsp; Here .&nbsp; Note: The part on the wiki about Jedi Master An'ya Kuro will be ignored. Roleplay between multiple groups is possible and can be done within the corresponding chat in the designated Discord channel (Information will be provided by your GM). The idea is to keep it fun and playable for everyone; should a conflict between groups emerge, it is up to the GM’s to coordinate this accordingly. If you want to join… …as a GM! Good news, you're very likely to get a spot, since GMs tend to be few and far between. Thank you for your service. Please start a new game and activate looking for players, using this description. Also in the game's description, advertise your skills and explain your concept to the players. Consider session times and basic concept as the bulk of what needs to be described. Since you're likely to want a homestead or business, this may also be of use: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Asking for character concepts is also useful in that you can get a feel for the players. You may then choose whichever players you want. Please put a link in this discussion, so that we and prospective players can know that it exists. Note: If you don't have a Pro subscription to run the required API's, don't worry we got you covered! Please send me a PM and we will create a Pro subscribed game for you! …as a Player! Look for a GM to create a post, which will have instructions on how players should apply. If there are no posts, please consider being a GM. Perhaps share with a friend, so that we may try to find GMs. Or wait around, and see if we can get a GM. You may apply for one than one GM if you like. We hope to see you all soon as neighbors on the settlement of Cophrigin V!
I'll be involved in some way!
Hoping to play. Just hope some GMs can help out.
I want to join a game myself aswell :)
Ill be down
Sounds like fun :)
cant play but love the way you set up your lfp post
This is a very interesting idea!&nbsp;
D-MasterDad said: cant play but love the way you set up your lfp post Thanks you! We are trying our best to create a immersive environment, which multiple groups can enjoy :)
Nicely done introduction.&nbsp; If I wasn't already running several campaigns I would go for this.&nbsp; I have time to play but not to world-build :)&nbsp;&nbsp;

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Currently we are working on a document indicating the basic knowledge players and GM's have about the planet of Cophrigin V. When the first draft is done, we will place a link.
This seems very interesting. I'd definitely like to play.
Seems pretty neat, as a post or so below this one I am looking for a game. So multiple GMs and multiple games, I'm good with that. I like community games as long as the community is a healthy one.
Yup, I want in.&nbsp; I am really looking for the player experience, but I could take a crack at GMing if I'm needed.&nbsp; I am very green in this area as I only have three session under my belt, but I am finding it to be quite enjoyable.&nbsp; Keep me posted.&nbsp;&nbsp;
Hi All, we have been very busy with the first draft of the document about Cophrigin V. But it is finally done :)&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... We hope it will give the players and the GM's some insight in the campaign.
I'd like to play also.

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Hi All, In light of starting up the multi group campaign we are currently at 11 players and 0 GM's. This could be 2 to 3 groups, depending on the GM's group size preference. Do you have GM experience or want to build it up? Now is your chance!&nbsp;