New Player looking for a group for any game!


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Hey everyone, I've just recently gotten into tabletop gaming after a long time being interested. I play D&D 5e, but am looking at a few other game suggestions. I'm interested in D&D 3.5 and Dungeon World, but am open to other games...nothing too complex as I am still getting the feel for these kind of RPG's. I am available any day but Friday after 8pm (mountain time).
I'm also looking for a new starter group around the same time (MST). I have a bit of experience, but only single-day games. I'd love to start something more consistent. 
Check out were a community of D&D players focused on 5e Adventure League. Feel free to stop in and check us out There is a run almost nightly for new players. I have a run in about 60 minutes tonight designed for new players
I am thinking of running a Fate game, I have a few ideas and I know the system, but this will be my first time DMing in the system, second time overall.  If you are okay with that and you are over eighteen, I would love to further discuss the possibilities with you.  I am wanting to do this at some point over Skype or similar program and I will have an Obsidian Portal page for the game.  The link is for more information.
I'm looking to run a post-apocalyptic campaign using the Fate Core rules. Play would happen mostly through Roll20, or discord and roll20 if there's difficulties with audio. Check out the description here:
Hello people of roll20 i am new here so I will put my story and character idea here I also have a character sheet made already and it is on my phone on a app called fifth edition character sheet any game tpe is good for me. I have only played one other campaign which is currently on hiatus and I am looking for people who just want to play for the sake of playing. I have no problems with a heavy RP game or just a strait Dungeon crawl I am free most Sundays and I have a headset and a camera on a laptop if needed. I am down for any type of game with most types of people and I am almost always ready. Pleas pick me to play with I swear I might not be the most open but once you get to know me you will have the time of your life. Name:Michael Age:17 Time Zone:EST Character Idea:Dren Copperfoot Drow Rogue Thief Arcitype Chaotic Good. Slaved when a young boy by durigar slavers. Mother and brother died trying to protect me and my two twin sisters. After years of captivity and reforment I was chosen to be sold at a nearby drow trade. Freed from captivity by a group of bandits who attacked the caravan looking for food and other goods. After realizing there were none they let us go. Me and one of my fellow slaves Caldra Farum stayed together and asked to stay with the bandits until we had some reasonable currency to survive on the overworld. She took a fancy to a bow and the wilderness while I on the other hand Took up a pair of daggers and a hand crossbow. After about 10 years with the bandit group known only as the Conclave we split and took all of our earnings and made a tavern on the outskirts of a town. We now serve drinks, give rooms, and help other drows who are either getting on there feet, looking for jobs or escaping from the slavers. Cauldra gave me permission to go out and help/look for other drows and point them our way and what ever I do elsewhere is my business.
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PM sent. /Matt

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So if anyone is interested in something different I am trying to start up a long term 'old' world of darkness group. Its an extremly high roleplay intensive game that doesn't run on a very hard to learn system. If you're interested here's the forum page. You don't have to know it to join all I ask is that only those 18 and up join.
I run a game every Thur Night at 9:00 est and we mix up a lot of what we play. We've been going for a couple years now, and play a variety of stuff. We don't play a whole lot of Swords and Sorcery. We need to get a couple more players again because RL work has devoured a few.
I run a Star Was game on Sunday evening starting at 6:30 EST.  PM me if your are interested and we can discuss the game.