Custom Attributes for 5ed OGL character sheet

Just started looking at macros today, so I don't what was in previous version. Hello, I noticed that some fields from the character sheet were not in the attribute section, or perhaps I cannot find them. I was expected to be able to use a " level 1 spell slot remaining " and "lvl 1 spell slot max"... but it seems only the max is present. I was a little surprised this was not implemented as a remaining / maximum variable:  "lvl_1_spell_slots"  and "lvl_1_spell_slots|max" Also, there is no temporary hp field. (1) Am I missing something? (2) Was leaving out these attributes an oversight? (3) Is it possible for me to link new attributes to the attributes tab?  These fields already exist in the character sheet, so it seems there out to be a way.  Perhaps this is only for subscribers.
Most of the attributes in the attribute section are only added once the respective field in the character sheet has been edited. For example, there won't be a temporary hp attribute until you add a number to temp hp in the sheet. Once the attribute is added it will be associated with that part of the character sheet so you can delete any values you had there and the attribute will stay connected. The attribute name for spell slots remaining is, I believe, lvl1_slots_expended (rather confusingly). You are correct about there not being a max value for this attribute though, a work-around I use is inputting @{lvl1_slots_total} into the max value of the slots remaining. Hope that all makes sense and helps with any problems you had :)
Okay, got it working.  Thanks for the tips. /em I may need some rest! LVL 1: **@{Turi of Toladunon|lvl1_slots_expended}** LEFT OF **@{Turi of Toladunon|lvl1_slots_total}** LVL 2: **@{Turi of Toladunon|lvl2_slots_expended}** LEFT OF **@{Turi of Toladunon|lvl2_slots_total}** LVL 3: **@{Turi of Toladunon|lvl3_slots_expended}** LEFT OF **@{Turi of Toladunon|lvl3_slots_total}** I have **@{Turi of Toladunon|hp} out of @{Turi of Toladunon|hp|max}** HP **@{Turi of Toladunon|hp_temp}** temp HP