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Dynamic Lighting with Hex Grid: Fraught Performance

I seem to be getting unpredictable behavior out of Roll20 Dynamic lighting when using a Hex Grid for my GRUPS game.  Shadows go the wrong way, anything not COMPLETELY blocked off seems to be fully visible. Any hints?
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Could we get some screen shots of the unexpected behaviour you are experiencing?
I'll gather that.  To where should I post it?
The Aaron
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Here is fine.
Import a map Spend 45 minutes drawing the incredibly difficult polygonal shape. Turn out the lights. Looks dark, so good. Bring in a character with a light source to GURPS specifications With all the lights out, looks good. Add the few light sources, because the PCS are supposed to encounter this in the daytime. AAAAAAAnd of course, since I've called out the technical support troops, it works like peach.
But turn on advanced fog of war and... The whole $#&@ dungeon becomes visible, revealing the testing path the character was taken on, remembered in perpetuity.
So I turned OFF Advanced Fog of War.  We'll confine testing to one hot-shot effect at a time.
You can reset the fog.
Doug E. said: You can reset the fog. Here's how, from the wiki: Running with Both Fog of War and Advanced Fog of War Simultaneously Fog of War and Advanced Fog of War are each their own individual layers of fog. You can use both versions at the same time to keep certain areas of the Page hidden from view even if a token's range of sight passes through it. Both versions use the same Toolbox subtools for revealing and hiding areas. If you use the tools while both are enabled, they hide or reveal on both layers at once; however, you can specifically edit the Fog of War or Advanced Fog of War fog layers individually by using the Reveal Areas, Polygon Reveal, and Hide Areas drawing tools while holding down the following shortcut keys: Alt Key: Modify only Fog of War's fog layer Ctrl Key: Modify only Advanced Fog of War's fog layer
The Aaron
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BTW, if you use lots of maps with organic shapes like that, I've got a Script that can help setup the walls for you:&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... No silver bullet, but on a map like the above, you can get it done in about 5 minutes with the GIMP.&nbsp; If making maps in GIMP is part of your process, you can probably get it down to even less time.
Nice.&nbsp; Thanks for the tip.&nbsp;