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I just had a bunch of data I uploaded *poof* disappear

I spent many hours loading this. Is it possible it still there somewhere or is it gone forever? If load it again, how can I do so with confidence it won't disappear a second time? It was there. It was saved. It looked good, but now, no.
Had the same problem over the last couple of weeks, with random images from my library disappearing overnight.
Oh, phew, it's all back again. What a relief. If your support crew helped thanks, if it was a glitch that somehow worked itself out when i wnet back in there, I dunno. Every folder I had was empty, all the character sheets and handouts gone, It was like locusts had come in and devoured everything. But ah... back looking whole again. So scary, many man hours of work went into that.
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Glad it resolved itself, or the Roll20 pixies worked their magic... either way :) One thing to be aware of that I've fallen foul of MANY times is that sometimes the search bar in the right hand menus gets something inputted into it (usually my name for some reason!) which causes all of my folders to appear empty as it can never find anything to match the search parameter. Not saying that this happened here but certainly something to check if it happens again! If you are still experiencing this The Tinkerer be sure to make a thread to explore it further as similar issues can have very different causes. Thanks and happy rolling!