Maps don't show up for me

Hi, I started building the world for a new Ars Magica campaign. I added a few maps, changed them to drawings, and added them to the map layer. I did this a couple of days ago and everything was fine, but now they aren't showing up for me anymore. Even weirder, I am able to see some  of them in the preview on top. Here is a screenshot:  noMaps I use Google Chrome on Windows 10. But I tried switching browser to no success. I had them open yesterday and the whole weekend and there weren't any problems. I really want to solve this before I start to extending the world for obvious reasons :)  Any help would be appreciated. cheers, Pasuht
Same here. Seems to be the same issue as  here and  here

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Same problem here. Had no trouble during the weekend tho. Tried different browers, checked my network connection and cleared the browser cache. No changes. Besides myself a few of my players are experiencing similar problems. While one doesn't even have a single problem at all.
One way or another it seems solved. My maps load normal again. If anyone read this or one of the other posts and did something, thx!