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Text Resizing Bug

Was editing some text on one of my maps in the top left corner, resized it, and now i cant select it or remove it without clearing every existing marker on the map. Is there a known fix for this or is it an unknown issue?

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Roll20 Mod Team
That's an odd one... Could you please post a Console Log capturing an attempt to select/move/remove the Text element? (If you'd like, a screenshot could be helpful, too.) Also, could you post the name of your Game and name of the Page that the stuck Text element in located on? Thanks!
Current name of the game is "The D Club", page is named "Farisia Map", afraid didnt keep a console log
Roll20 Team
Hi Declan W., I have submitted a ticket for a dev to have a look at.
Jeff L.
Roll20 Team
Hi Declan, I made a minor change to what seemed like a broken text object that may have fixed the issue, but otherwise I can't reproduce this problem myself. If the problem remains unresolved, could you go into more detail about the text object? (namely, what the text was and what layer it was / is on) Additionally, a console log would assist as Silvyre suggested above.
Issue seems resolved, since i could interact with the bugged text and remove it, thank you.