Pathfinder Buff Questions

Hey!  so i've been wondering how do you set it up so that when you enable a buff that it can add a bonus to a specific check I.E My ratfolk Cleric has an ability that grants her the ability to increase Str Con Wis her Nat armor and speed as well as a +4 to Stealth in the buffs box it has it so that it adds the bonus to ALL skills So im wondering if there is a way to phrase the buff calcualtion to specifially increase stealth by 4 when enabled
I couldn't find a way to do it directly, but if you set the bonus to go to customa1 (or customa2, customa3,... etc if they're already being used) then in the skills tab write in the misc macro bit for stealth @{cutoma1-mod} it should give you a +(whatever you put in the buff calc, e.g 4) to stealth. Let me know if that doesn't work.

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Edit That did work once i stopped putting the caluations in the stupid notes tab XDD  ( im such a derp sometimes Thanks!!)