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Is there any way to get the old sound controls back?  I know you can make a playlist and set it to play all the sounds in that play list at once, but that is not what i want to do.  I want to be able to play multiple sounds at once but not all starting at the same time.  For example i would have background music playing and then add in sound effects as needed, like winds if a storm came up, or maybe a scream from something or sounds of a particular monster.  I don't want to have to create a thousand play list one of music, one of music plus storm, one of music, storm and monster and then music and monster no storm,  etc etc.   I also dont want my music restarting each time i want to add other sounds to it.  Lastly i want to have a playlist of music say 10 tracks or so that it cycles through while being able to add sounds on top of that right now i cant do that because all 10 songs would play at once if i wanted to play sound effects at the same time. 
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Check out the  wiki , most of those features are possible already. Also, as a pro user I recommend checking out  Roll20AM
I read that Wiki, but it does not solve the issue,  I can play either one track at a time, or a playlist in sequence or as a shuffle, or a playlist all at once.  I cannot combine this functionality.  I want to have a playlist playing a sequence of music... and without stopping it from playing i want to be able to play other sounds that i use for sound effects and ambiance. A year ago when i last ran a game on roll20 you could do this starting and stopping any track any at any time without affecting other tracks playing in any way, now you cannot.  The way things work now it is not possible to use sound effects if you want background music or visa versa as playing the sound effect stops the music unless you play them as a combined playlist in which case the sound effect either loops over and over or plays at the start and is done.    For example my group enters a creepy graveyard so i want to start some creepy haunted type music.  Now they decide to go to a particular masoleun and open a gate, i want to play a sound of the gate creeking, but if i hit play on that gate sound the music stops which badly hurts immersion, then i have to restart the music from the begining.  I want the music to keep playing but be able to play that sound effect on demand.   If i did a playlist where they played together as soon as i hit play the music would start and gate sound would play and be done, long before they said they were opening said gate. 
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Greg, Yep, but, that's why I made the Roll20AM script that Ziechael linked to. I'd love to see that functionality be native to roll20, but in the mean time, the script can do everything that you are asking for. (note there is a reported bug where playing a track using the native roll20 controls and then playing a sound effect using the script's commands stops the currently playing track. I'll be looking into this once I have some free time)
I think I've noticed the behavior you've described when using the play or shuffle buttons on top of the playlist to select a track at random and play it. If you do this, I've noticed that manually starting any other track stops the currently playing one. However, if you just pick your track manually from the start you can layer as many tracks as your computer can output concurrently.