Map scroll Lag

I know there are quite a few fixes for this. I've tried disabling all my extensions. Have had other people try it as well. Have even opened a new game with no map or tokens or anything and had people with far better computers than I. Constant map scroll lag. The scroll for options will work fine. But the map scroll is constantly lagging. Have cleared cache. But other people have encountered issues as well. A week and a half ago. No lag, but starting this past weekend on Sunday. Constant lag. Even on maps without tokens and such. 
Bump for replies. Having a similar issue.
Same here. I just bought White Plume Mountain to run as a side game when not all my players can make a session and thought it was specific to the size of that map. Then checked out my regular game and realised it's lagging there too. 
Bump as well as this is now happening to me on big and small maps alike. No matter if there are only a few objects or many. 
Yeah. I would buy the graphic issue the various other posts say. If it didn't lag on someone else's new computer on a completely blank map. 
I was having the same issue, and I managed to solve it for Chrome. In Chrome, for some reason, hardware acceleration was disabled, forcing my CPU to carry the rendering load and thereby causing lag when interacting with the VTT. To make sure hardware acceleration is enabled: 1. Launch Chrome. 2. Type "chrome://settings/system" into your address bar (no quotes, obviously). 3. Ensure "Use hardware acceleration when available" is enabled. 4. Relaunch Chrome. Hope this helps!
My hardware acceleration is already activated but the problem persists.
Hrm. Fixed my issue too. That hardware acceleration fix should be pinned or something. Or added to the lag faq.