Masks Issue 8: Link's Email [Cutscene]

Pneuma, I hope things are going well. I hope you are able to find whatever you are looking for. When you get back, I'll be here. We'll all be here, really. You know. We're all a team now. Anyway, my thoughts and hopes go with you. I don't know if there's going to be danger, but stay safe, no matter what. Stay on guard. You remember - just as well as I do - how dad was. Even now, I still don't know if there's anything we can do to even slow him down, much less stop him. We have to try. I just worry. Moment of honesty. I was a little worried about your leadership comment. I was sure I wasn't leader material, now I'm sort of worried I screwed up by not trying to be. Right now, I stand by what I said though. Let's all work together, without one person bossing the others around. Thank you for believing in me, no matter what. I'll make many mistakes, but hopefully I only make each one once. You've always been there, helping me uphold that. I couldn't do it without you. So - safe trip, see you soon, stay in touch. Leo "I haven't left yet," comes the voice from the next room. Leo flushes, stares at the phone, and squeezes it in one fist. "I hit Send by accident," he explains lamely. "I was uh..." Pneuma peers around the door, and smiles. "You were saying what's in your heart. Thank you. I'll see you soon. I promise."

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Link building a jetliner robot?   I 'm reminded of a video ...
That's fantastic work :)  It's also up there with something else I had in mind, the  Fire Dagwon combination sequence , in that it raises a GIGANTIC MIDDLE FINGER to aerodynamics and momentum.
I just watched that.   The rational part of my mind that does science and calculations at work is dumbfounded.   The part of my brain that does the graphic design and loves the Power Rangers just shouted, "That robot just shot out an ambulance and a firetruck like a pair of sidewinder missiles, that's awesome!"
Just be grateful Leo didn't play with model trains as a kid.

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This is pure comedy gold.