[LFP][D&D5e][Sat-6pm EST][Homebrew] Ongoing game set up in a open world dealing with chaos storms.


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Hello! My name is Sheep, I'm a fairly new DM looking run a game in 5e. Not to worry though I have played many hours of d&d and know the ropes of the game. After a burst of inspiration I found myself wanting to run a game, and was encouraged by people I play with to go ahead and try my hand at DMing. However before I get into details of the game itself I would like to explain what I like to see from not only players but characters as well. Be Respectful I hope for this game to thrive and be able to run for a while. I will NOT tolerate in-fighting or passive aggressive acts to people playing. Banter is one thing but when someone starts ruining the fun of the game for everyone it is not okay. This includes characters. You wouldn't travel and put your life on the line with people you don't trust. So please if you are joining just to steal from the party, kill someones character, or generally create chaos to the point its oppressing other characters. Don't. Be on Time I posted the day and the time. There will be no confusion about when to be in roll 20 and voice chat. Remember you arn't wasting your time, your wasting everyones time. If you are late and I haven't received a message before hand, We will wait only 15 mins, and then I will carry on like your character as passed on in the night. If you have a good an honest reason as to why you couldn't make it I could be willing to give you another chance. However that will be the last chance and you will be required to make a new character or maybe even sit out a session depending on where the group was at. Be Creative This is an open world and I'm willing to let your characters do unique things. I wont be a stickler about rules so if you think of a clever way to take advantage of something in combat or otherwise feel free to voice it. Examples of this would be tossing other party members onto creatures, casting complimenting spells like grease into fireballs, or water wall into chain lightning. Creativity shouldn't end outside of combat either, TALK with each other, dont be mutes for a week of in game time or just because your traveling. Make some things up along the way. If you have +3 in history feel free to just add your own spice to history. That goes for any stat, this world isn't just what I say it is your characters live there too. Feel free to add some things in you would find interesting, I will try and work with you on it. No Homebrew Classes or Races I feel like it disrupts the flow and balance of the game, so just no.  The World Twelve hundred years ago the world found itself in a sudden shift when one of the moons descended closer to the realms. The catastrophic events that happened were nothing compared chaos storms that appeared after. As the magical ley-lines orbit each other fierce magical storms erupt across the land. Some people found a way to harvest the chaos storms for materials to aid in protecting towns from the storms. The surviving major cities of power began harvesting and mass producing a means of survival for humanity. Factions arose, each in charge of there own capital with smaller towns under there domain. With magic polluting not only the land but the beasts and monsters that inhabit it, food has became harmful to eat. The smaller cities rely on the capitals of said factions to purify the meat and crops they gather.  Starting locations with be discussed together during a session zero. I will interview players who character interest me. Please fill out the form below as best you can and I hope to see you soon. Player name: About you: Experience: Character Name: Race: Class: Backstory:
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Player name: Aliyah Dickerson  About you: I'm a high school student. Just recently got into D&D. I can do most afternoons. Any time after 5 but I try to be done with everything by 8.  Experience: I don't have a lot of experience with D&D but I have researched a lot read about it and watched others. I do have a lot of experience with roleplay and fantasy type gaming.  Character Name: Aria Blackwood  Race: Elf Class: Bard Backstory: Her backstory is quite surprising and different from your typical happy playful bard. When she was born her father left. Her mother struggled to give such an intelligent daughter all of what she needed. She worked non-stop but soon got sick. When Aria was only 14 her mother died. She was forced to work for herself in a tavern serving alcohol and cleaning up. For a long while she was sad. Suddenly alone and abandoned in the world. Then strangers, adventurers from a far away land, came into the tavern. A man playing such strange instruments brought life and cheer into this small dark corner of the world. She was fascinated. Hooked by the way his hands moved and sound surrounded it. Aria knew from then on she wanted to have that impact on people. Of course when a lone adventurer came into the tavern claiming to have known her mother she was instantly fascinated by him. He had his own instruments when he offered to become her mentor as a favor to her dead mother it was no hesitation when she agreed. He took her into the world. Showing her the things she has never seen before. Developing her mind teaching her magic and music. All of it her mind lost within its depths as she consumed it all. One day though sadness struck.  Her mentor sent her into a town they were camping outside of. She did not question his action and of course ran the errands. When she returned her mentor was laying on the ground by the horses. He had a stab from a dagger and was dying. Aria was broken with sadness she could only hold her mentor and friend close. Then his last breath saying the words she'd never imagine. "Oh, how I love you my daughter." Then he was gone.  Forced once again to be alone the knowledge of magic and music within her she set out. Her one true mission. To bring happiness into the world and avenge her mentor and death.