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[Script Update] TokenAction creator for 5e OGL sheet version 2.0

Kevin said: @Justin R. - The initial intention of the script is to utilize existing rolls available on the sheet (or recreate the rolls with queries).  The sheet doesn't currently include roll buttons for traits or reactions, therefore they aren't created.  I was hoping that the sheet would be updated to include rolls for these things, but unfortunately it hasn't.   Custom macros could probably be created without too much trouble, but honestly I haven't had the time to build such macros that properly factor in all of the options of the sheet (i.e. whisper to GM vs. open rolls, etc...).  If someone makes the macros that include everything needed, it's likely a simple thing to include.  This also assumes that people would actually want these as token actions. the only things i can think of for my use case is to let my player switch advantage/normal/Disadvantage with action macros rather than open the sheet then its perfect.  
I stumbled across this thread looking for something else but I just wanted to say this was a huge god-send for me.  I just purchased ToA and upgraded from the old community sheet to the OGL sheet and was trying to figure how I'd find time to add token actions to everything.  Bravo!

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Kevin said: Updates (0.2.3): Fix a bug when trying to create spells in the deprecated NPC spells section.&nbsp; All spells in this section will be skipped (sorry no other solution here). Added !sortta command to append a prefix for NPC Action (a-) and Legendary Actions (al-) Script: &nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> First off, this script is amazing. Is making my life so much easier. However I did want to ask regarding the !sortta command is there any particular reason it doesn't include the save or check options that regular !ta includes? My PC's tend to have a lot of tools to make a creature make saving throws. That one would be super handy to have at least. Edit: Went ahead and did it myself in case anyone else wants it, all credits to Kevin. I just copied and pasted the proper lines. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...