Hard Crash on Game/Map Load (after DL/Fog of War setting changes)

I was experimenting with lighting settings on the Cragmaw Castle LMoP map in my  game . Now it crashes every time it loads. Firefox gets a smidge further and begins loading a low-resolution version of the map graphic itself before crashing. Chrome never gets past the black Loading... screen. I don't remember specifically which combination of DL, Fog of War, Adv Fog of War I had enabled/disabled, but it was after turning a few things on and off that it crashed. I can't pull anything from the dev tools console because it also has a problem when the page crashes. I was able to take a couple of quick screenshots (attached) before it crashed of what was in the console before it got wiped.
Roll20 Team
Hi  Brenden S. What is the name of the game that you are having this issue with? Does it happen with any game that you try to load up Dynamic Lighting and Advanced Fog of War? Do you just want the settings disabled on the map in question to see if you can't get back in there? Thank you!
https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/2109385 (the link was in the original message) I was able to use Dynamic Lighting and Advanced Fog of War just fine in a second game I created. I don't really need anything out of that game (my players can pull their characters via the Vault). But I was hoping that if someone could somehow review the settings, they might be able to duplicate what I did and identify if it was a bug or a glitch.
Jeff L.
Roll20 Team
Hi Brenden, I've disabled Advanced Fog of War for the page that you were loading into that was causing issues.  I'd recommend not re-enabling it for that page until we discover what's causing this problem for users, which we are actively looking into.  For now, this should get you into the game in case you need anything from it or wish to continue using it. Please don't hesitate to post if there are further issues.