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Pathfinder help making character. (Newbie)

I recently  joined a Pathfinder game, my first rpg tabletop  game. We have 2 Invulnerable Rager Barbarians,  1 Monk,  1 Sorcerer,  one was a Druid but doesn't  want to heal anymore and changing to some magic, ranged wizard or sorceress.  I was the first invulnerable barbarian but I'm  going to heal now.  I'm wanting to be more of a damage class with abilities to heal.  I've read there is no real need for a pure  healer and that I'd  be better off doing damage and buff the group before battles,  which  im totally fine with.  However,  I do not understand  much of the lingo and its like sudoku in word form for me.  If someone  could help me I'd  really appreciate  it.  From what I know exotics classes/races aren't  allowed.  This isn't  a point buy in system either.  I think the points we are given is, (16,14,13,12,11,10].  We are level 2 and max hp.  
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