Advanced Fog of War + Dynamic Lighting, Token Sight Distance woes

I am building Out of the Abyss manually with digital maps at the moment. Decided to use Advanced Fog of War and Dynamic Lighting and everything works well, except one thing: For some reason, what player tokens see is actually different from what Advanced Fog of War records as what they see. Better to show you pictures. Here is what the line of sight blocker looks like: So this is what happens when you put the player token inside it. For some reason, it can see across the whole map. Why? So when you move the player token out of that box, Advanced Fog of War records it that the player has only seen 10 feet beyond his grid. What? Here are the token and page settings: Basically, I want player tokens to see up to range X, and for that range to stay consistent through Advanced Fog of War. I also want sight blockers, so Dynamic Lighting seems to be required. The problem right now is that the tokens seem to be able to see infinite range but Advanced Fog of War actually follows the 10 feet requirement I put in.
I could be wrong here, but i think the problem is you have global illumination on.
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Terrelle S. said: I could be wrong here, but i think the problem is you have global illumination on. Yup, that. Global illumination presumes that the entire page is lit so a player with even limited vision would be able to see as far as the horizon... like a human on a sunny day. However the AFoW works on the same principle as set up on a token, either looking at it's emitted light settings of the AFoW setting as you have there when that is present. For your test case I recommend giving the token an emitting light value of 10/10, turning global illumination off and then seeing what happens when moving around. The value with global illumination comes in when exploring a town or village etc. You can SEE the entire road ahead of you but can only remember what was around the corner behind you and not the ones up ahead.
Oh, that fixed it entirely. Thank you so much!
Another question. I got this to work but now the area the player has seen is not properly recorded. Meaning, some areas they've seen already aren't being remembered in Advanced Fog of War. Here is what the player sees. Here is what he sees in AFoW when he is not there. Here are the page and token settings. I want to make sure AFoW remembers exactly what the player sees, including dim light. 1. Why isn't that happening? 2. The wiki mentioned that View Distance under AFoW in Advanced Settings will be one of these, in priority order: a) Whatever is entered there. b) Whatever is entered under Emit Light c) Defaulted to 10x10 square around the token How come putting 30 feet of bright light for the token is not causing AFoW to remember that many squares when the token moves away? 3. This somehow works if I put View Distance under AFoW under 60 feet.
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Ok, that sounds more in line with the potential existing issues that the devs are working on. I've copied your nicely detailed (thanks for that) report over to the  official thread for AFoW and will recommend that you follow this there from now on. Happy rolling!
I got a question along these lines.  I notice when I put on line of sight/afow, that the hidden GM tokens seem to emit light even if they're not on the top layer.  The only settings checked are "has sight", and if I uncheck that, the map goes black (as it should) when I reset the fog.  But this could get old quickly as I go through the curse of Strahd material and uncheck every token's details on the map. Anyone come across this? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, C