[PF] Macro help pls, adding and subtracting enhancement bonus to ability scores

Playing us some pathfinder and I'm trying to help our Barbarian build a macro. I just need help finding the macro that will add/subtract to his Str and Con. Using the enhancement bonus column seems like the easiest. But my first attempt of [[+2 @{CharName|STR-enhance}]] failed to add 2 to his str. Can a better macro'er give me a tip or two.
Can you tell us how you are trying to add this bonus? Screenshots would also be extremely helpful (I have never used the pathfinder sheet, so I'm having difficulty imagining how you are doing this.)
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Base macros cannot change attributes, you'll need to use something like  ChatSetAttr for that... although I know the PF has some pretty fancy features using their buff section that might help with this, I'm sure Vince or someone will be along to tell you how soon enough (once I amend your title to highlight the PF element for you ;) ).
Yah I saw a Rage Buff, but also couldn't figure out how set that as a button for him.
From what I understand of the pathfinder sheet (very little), buffs can't be rolled so there is no way to toggle it on or off with a button without changing the attribute with something like ChatSettAttr as mentioned above.

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You can create a buff  that you can either toggle directly from the sheet using the buff's section or use the chatsetattr script or similar to toggle from a macro. chatseattr example (this will toggle the first buff($0).  Probably better to substitute the buff's rowid instead of "$0") !setattr --sel --repeating_buff2_$0_buff-enable_toggle|[[1-@{selected|repeating_buff2_$0_buff-enable_toggle}]] update: There may be a bug in the sheet which is preventing API commands sent to buff's(maybe other areas as well) from triggering the sheet worker script.  We'll need to do some investigation.
TY for the response, he'll probably have to live with pushing the button in the character sheet. We've already turned off Dynamic Lighting because it slowed the sheets down to much. We are trying to make everything into a macro so sheets won't need to be up because they are running so slowly.
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Yea, we've tried to speed things up on the PF sheet but there are just soooo many options with Pathfinder...