Looking for Players... GMT or European!! Forgotten Realms 5e West Marches campaign, set in 1370DR – “The Savage Frontier”

Hi all, we started this recently after I've been developing it for a while. It's GMT timezone, with Monday, Sunday and Thursday evenings shaping up to be ideal session times, although this is flexible up to a point due to the nature of the West Marches model. Its set in the frontier town of Deadsnows in the mountains of the North, for those familiar with Realmslore. We have a good group of players already, just need one or two more...... 5e experience and Realmslore knowledge an advantage.
I'd be interested in joining
I am interested in joining:)

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intersted in joining and have reasonable of experience in d&d 5e my time zone is gmt
Still looking by the way....
Would like to join up if spaces are still available, relativity inexperinced though 
If your still looking id be interested in playing never played west marches style before nor have much realmlore knowhow but i do have decent experiance with the mechanics of 5e
I am somewhat familiar with the 5e mechanics... but I really dont know any lore. If that is okay I could be a part of your campaign.
I'm interested! I have play a lot of 5e, so I feel very comfortable in the system, but I don't know much about Realmslore. I live in Europe so the time schedule fits very good.
I'm in GMT+1 and interested. Not entirely sure what you mean with Realmslore, but I do have some basic knowledge about the Forgotten Realms if that's what you mean. Don't know too much about the North, but I'm familiar with the empires of Mulhorand, Thay and the Dales. I'm new to Roll20 and online roleplaying in general, but I've been playing D&D for over 20 years now