[5e Shaped] Can't roll initiative on token

Hello guys, I have the exact same problem than here :  https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/2977274/5e-shape... I tried to create a new table, but the problem is still here. Also, I noted something : when you only have an avatar for the character, this avatar will be used as a token. From the moment you select a token, this token will be used by default. And when you don't have a token (therefore use the avatar as one) this is perfectly working ! Which doesn't really solve the problem. It seems that, from the moment there is a token for a character, it acts similarly to a token without a character : if you use a macro with the command "selected", a error message will appear telling " No character was found for 'selected' " I thought that maybe someone would have an idea of how to solve it now, or maybe the new piece of information will help the creator somehow.
For the token and the character sheet to be fully 'connected' you have to have the token set as the default token for the character like you have done already, but also in the token settings (which you can get to by double clicking the token) you have to select which character represents that token. If you haven't done that already hopefully that will resolve your issue.
Seems to be working. Thank you so much ! I had the same problem with my monsters too and I had to set their initiative myself. It's going to save a lot of time ! =D